Customer Case Study – On Point Global


OnPoint Goals & Challenges

OnPoint is a high-growth data-driven internet company that specializes in web publishing. OnPoint was looking for a high-value push technology company to partner with to help them manage their sizable subscriber base of over 10 million active users. Together we collect well over 200k new push subscribers a day and generate $400k+ in revenue net to the publisher each and every month.

The Strategy

OnPoint was unsatisfied with their previous push partnership and was looking for a more collaborative partner from both a technological and monetization perspective. NotifyAI has delivered with never before seen growth of their push program.


  • -6.5 Million new push subscribers in 3 Months 35% Opt-In Rate
  • User LTVs increased by $.10 per subscriber*
  • Publisher RPM increased by 35%*
  • Their average click-through rate increased By 22%*

* When compared to the results of the previous push provider


$1.2 Million in publisher net revenues in Q2 of 2020

"Notify was able to take over our push subscribers and push opt ins of over 300 websites seamlessly and has a business model that is flexible to clients both large and small”