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Push notifications are a type of native advertising,
offering a non-intrusive and user-friendly way for any website, publisher, or app to re-engage with their users.

With NotifyAI, you can send highly interactive ad messages that are delivered directly to users’ mobile or desktop devices once they opt in - so you can reach them anytime and anywhere.

sdssd is a monetization tool for

Whatever type of marketer you are – Push Notifications can help you engage current users, monetize subscribers, and earn incremental revenue.

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If you don’t use push, explore how to integrate the Widget

If you already have a push provider you can work with us by adding the Extension

If you can’t configure push, monetize users with our Subscription Link

Subscription Widget


Don’t have a push provider?
The Subscription Widget is a verified and effective tool for creating a database of subscribers and sending notification messages – earning income in the background.


Just 2% of website traffic converts on their first visit. Installing a widget is the most effective and quickest way to re-market the other 98% of your website visitors, even after they leave your site.

Own Your Audience

Create an instant list of subscribers from your website traffic with one click, no user information required just one click to subscribe.

Anywhere, Anytime

Once the user has opted in for notifications, you can create an ad schedule to match your marketing strategy and deliver targeted ads to your subscribers on their browser from any device.

The AI of Notify

Our ad serving technology learns what type of content you users engage with and optimized towards their interests, maximizing clicks and yields.

Zero Fees, Ever:

Seriously, no platform fees, sign up fees, or maintenance fees for using our widget. Get exclusive reporting access and platform support once you start sending traffic.

Have a website?
Start collecting users in less than 10 minutes!


Users will get a browser opt-in prompt


Instantly start to acquire, engage, and monetize your website visitors with targeted ads



Monetization Extension

Already have a push provider? Keep using your existing push platform to send notifications. After your notifications are delivered, the Monetization Extension will deliver its own notification –
boosting your overall revenue yields.


Works with nearly all push providers with simple installation.

Boost Revenue

Cash in on untapped revenue with quality, targeted ads.

Quality, Brand-Safe Advertising

Get access to high performance campaigns exclusive to notifyAI.

Extension Perks

Do you collect push subscribers? Did you know that you can add 40% or more to your push monetization rates with the NotifyAI extension product?

Here’s how it works.

The notifyAI extension is 3 lines of code that works alongside your existing push technology and functions as an impression trigger.

The result is double the impressions without making any other changes to your send frequency.

When push campaigns go out and generate an impression our system recognizes this and fires an additional notification from our platform that is delivered 100% of the time (typically with some delay).

When live on any site, our code listens for push notifications going out to users.

The net effect is a 40-60%
uplift in overall push monetization with the additional incremental revenues generated by our ads (on a rev share basis).

It is a great way to drive growth in push in a way that does not require any major changes to your current provider strategy.

Subscription Link

Our subscription link is the ideal solution for websites that are hosted on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace that still want to tap into the NotifyAI platform to collect subscribers and monetize with our network of advertisements.

Additionally, it can be used for:

Remnant traffic

Leave behind clicks

Pop traffic

Backfill for untargeted geos

Without having to configure or set up domains, your account specialist will provide you with a unique link that you can drive traffic to for monetization. The webpage that this link points to is hosted by NotifyAI and collects push subscriptions under your NotifyAI account.

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Types of Ads

What will your users see? Ads ranging from Tech, Finance, Home Goods, Lifestyle, Travel, General Sweeps, News & Updates, Gossip, Branded Promotions, etc.

Ad Schedules

We can easily adjust and test how frequently your audience receives a push notification – let’s chat about a strategy that delivers the highest RPM for you!

Brand Safe

All advertisements are compliant with brand regulations and are carefully selected to ensure the highest performing creative.

Once you are running one of our products, you will be given access to our proprietary reporting dashboard. Our platform offers full visibility into your performance to ensure you know exactly what is working best for your audience, how you can optimize, and how much revenue you are earning in real-time.

Within NotifyAI
you can segment by:

The ability to optimize by: