What is


Web push notifications are delivered to a user from their browser application. These alert styled messages slide into view in the corner or a desktop screen, or appear on a mobile device in a manner nearly identical to push notifications delivered from apps.

How do I install it?


Subscription widget

Simply copy and paste JavaScript code into the service worker of your site


Acquire Subscribers

Collect subscribers from your website visits on desktop and mobile


Collect Revenue

We’ll monetize your push subscribers and pay you monthly

Did you Know?


Just 2% of website traffic converts on their first visit.


Web Push is the most effective and quickest way to re-market the other 98% of your website visitors, even after they leave your site.

Push does not require an app and works on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices


The average engagement rate on a push notification is 20%

Using NotifyAI, your website can be ready to send notifications and re-engage your subscribers within minutes.